About Us

We create out-of-the-box solutions that are imaginatively designed to match your needs and process. Then we rigorously refine and furthersimplify the process.
We utilize the latest and most optimum technologies to meet your needs. Then we seamlessly integrate the solutions into an overall process solution.
We are process automation experts that listen intently to your needs and goals. We add the software, motion control, vision, and system design to create an optimum solution.

Our overall approach enables us to provide automated solutions that lower production costs, increase throughput, enhance safety, improve quality, and lower overall risk.

Delta Profile

Lyle Rusanowski

CEO / Owner

Gary O’Dell

Applications Engineer Manager

Leon Krzmarzick

Engineering Fellow

Paul Soucek

Director of Marketing and New Product Development

Larry Miller

Director of Engineering

Mike Pedersen


Ken and Diane Blaisdell