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Rate the diagnostic questions below as honestly and carefully as possible.

  • Rate each question on a scale of 1-5.

  • 1 indicates no idea

  • 2 indicates slightly familiar

  • 3 indicates somewhat familiar

  • 4 indicates limited knowledge

  • 5 indicates well aware

  • Use your gut instinct and don’t second-guess your answers.

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1. Do you have issues with efficiency, quality, or productivity in your manufacturing processes?
2. Have you identified any specific tasks that are dull, dirty, or dangerous for human workers to perform?
3. Have you considered the cost savings that would be achieved through automation, including reduced labor costs and increased efficiency?
4. Are you aware of the advancements in automation technology, including robotics, machine learning, and AI?
5. Have you conducted a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the potential ROI for implementing automation?
6. Have you considered the potential for automation to improve product quality and consistency, reduce waste, and increase production capacity?
7. Have you consulted with automation experts to explore the potential benefits and challenges of implementing automation?

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