Cobots? The answer to the Great Resignation

Cobots? The answer to the Great Resignation

The Covid-19 pandemic, social media careers and entrepreneurships have all been reasons for a redefined workplace. Whether it be burnout, unfair wages, poor working conditions, or the need for more flexibility, people are leaving their jobs in hopes of finding a manageable balance between work and life – causing a major disruption and a number of vacancies for many organizations known as the Great Resignation.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, in 2021, the U.S. hit an all-time high in employee-quit rates. Although many feel 2022 will slow down this trend some shortages are expected to continue in specific industries such as logistics where high turnover rates are commonplace.

Organizations are now tasked with filling in the gaps as well as searching for new ways to overcome workforce shortages and retain their current talent. As a result many manufacturing facilities are turning to automation technologies to help streamline specific operations to help increase efficiency.

A primary way in which companies are automating their processes is through the use of collaborative robotics- cobots. This technology is helping to boost supply chain efficiency and productivity while improving the working experience for employees. This is because forward looking companies use cobots to perform repetitive or hazardous jobs that could cause employee burnout or injury.

Companies are looking to train their current workforce to work side-by-side with these cobots. This allows employees to learn new skills while at the same time providing safer, less physical demands on them. Cobots can be used for several applications including pick and place, packaging and palletizing, assembly, machine tending, surface finishing, quality testing and inspection all for less than minimum wage.

Cobots are also helping humans perform tasks that are the three D’s: Dull, Difficult, and Dangerous. In addition, cobots are affordable, easy to implement, and to program. Safety-certified, cobots work hand in hand with humans to add value to your processes. They also offer a quick return on investment. The Delta Cobotix program allows companies to lease a fully automated robotic cell. No need for costly CAPEX spending because leasing a robot would be comparable to cost of a worker to do the same task. And if it is utilized for more than one shift, the savings are even greater.

As a result, cobots are looking more and more like the co-worker for companies needing to increase productivity or fill vacancies. Implementing them into the workforce helps the employers and their companies fill in the gaps and boost productivity without displacing their current workforce. Let the experts at Delta Technology be your guide to automation.