Delta Technology is proud to be partnering with CoreTech Leasing and to provide customized financing options.

Financing Options

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“Traditional CapEx Purchasing.”

Sometimes traditional capital expense purchase works the best.  For our partners that prefer to follow the tried and tested method and have access to capital this method works well.

Delta has completed hundreds of projects using this method of transacting and we are available to walk you through the process and terms whenever you are ready.

“We are not owned by a large corporate bureaucracy that is only looking at the bottom line.”

Founded on 25+ years of lease and finance expertise, CoreTech Leasing is a premier independent technology and equipment lessor. CoreTech exemplifies industry best practices, is widely regarded for our ‘gold standard’ master lease agreement, and delivers unsurpassed customer service. It is their mission to help businesses through equipment finance, by keeping customer’s core interests.

“No CapEx. No Risk. Just Results.”

Formic removes the risk, expense and headache of automating independently with our flexible, no CapEx contracts.  You only pay for productivity.

We didn’t invent automated systems, but we democratized them. Our team has deployed over 500 systems, and our 100+ System Integrator partners have more than 5,000 deployments under their belts, making us the ideal partner for any automation job.

Delta Cobotix Preferred Program

Delta has launched a special program for local SouthWest based customers. We call it Delta Cobotix, and for the right fit, we can provide automation for Machine Tending, Palletizing, Material Removal, and Material Handing for one low monthly fee.

Unlock Your Automation Goalswith Affordable Financing Options

Robotic Automation Made Affordable

When it comes to fulfilling your automation goals Delta Technology has got you covered. We understand that investing in automation solutions can be a decision, for any manufacturing company. That’s why we offer affordable financing options specifically tailored to meet your needs.

No Upfront Expenses Makes a Smooth Transition to Automation

One of the standout features of our financing program is the option to start without any costs upfront. We firmly believe that every manufacturing company should have the opportunity to enhance their operations with customized automation and robotics without being burdened by an investment.

In todays competitive landscape staying ahead of the game is crucial. Automation has become the cornerstone of efficiency and productivity for manufacturing companies. At Delta Technology we acknowledge that embracing automation can be a game changer. We also understand that concerns about financing often hold businesses back.

Our mission is to empower manufacturing companies and help them reach their potential through tailor made automation solutions. We provide affordable financing options that not make your journey into automation easily accessible but financially sustainable.

Delta Technology Financing Easy Payment Plans

With our financing program you can kickstart your automation project without worrying about expenses. We strongly believe in making this flexibility available, to all manufacturers.

Our team of experts is prepared to work alongside you understanding your needs and customizing a financial plan that aligns with your budget. We take pride in our commitment to transparency ensuring that you have an understanding of the costs involved from the beginning.

When you join forces with Delta Technology you’re not just investing in automation. You’re investing in the future of your company. Our affordable financing options guarantee an cost effective journey into automation that yields results.

To sum up don’t let financing concerns hinder you from embracing the potential of automation. At Delta Technology we’re here to offer you the support and flexibility needed to turn your automation aspirations into reality. Reach out to us today for information on our automation financing solutions. Take the initial step, towards a more efficient and productive future.