Getting By With a Little Help from My Friends

Getting By With a Little Help from My Friends

Companies need to find ways to become more sustainable, green, eliminate waste, all while reducing overall costs. But how? This is possible with the help of automation and the right partnership. Partnerships are crucial to the growth of any business. A partnership can evolve itself in a variety of forms, from businesses wanting to invest in a project, or through the sharing of technical knowledge and ideas. Whatever the reason, it is important to look for the right partnership agreement that benefits both parties.

Delta Technology is excited to partner with Aripack to introduce the LaferPack Flow Wrapping equipment to our staple of product solutions. This is a partnership with many benefits because when you integrate automation alongside packaging equipment, Delta will provide a turnkey solution to a very complex problem. For over 35 years, Lafer has been applying the latest technologies to produce a wide range of customized packaging machines in the food industry.

Industry experts feel that within manufacturing, one of the easiest and fastest areas to automate is within their packaging line. Market research has estimated the overall global packaging market is worth over $400 billion. According to an advisory firm Mordor Intelligence, the packaging automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% over the forecast period (2021-2026). Over the last few decades, production lines across the world have undergone a significant transformation, with the advent of automation and robotics. High levels of competition and a growing focus on reducing turnaround times have prompted manufacturers across the world toward automation, in a bid to retain high level throughput and efficiency.

Many feel that by automating packing they are eliminating the jobs of their hardworking and dedicated employees, but what many need to understand is that automation actually lets you utilize your workforce in a more efficient way. Automated packaging depends on the needs of your company and can mean many different things. For some it is the packaging of food into containers, or liquids into bottles; where for others, it may mean the fastening together and wrapping of large sheets of material.

Automated packaging of products brings many benefits to your company. Some of these benefits are obvious, such as increased production time, accuracy and optimization of resources, by helping to produce goods at much faster rate when compared to manual methods.

Other benefits are intangible such as a happier workforce and increased customer satisfaction. With packaging automation, you can reduce the amount of waste by streamlining the types of packaging you require, reduce chances of injury and create safer working environment.

In addition the continuing rise in labor costs has also added another expense that needs to be addressed. Employee time off and pay that comes from sick leave for work-related injuries, as well as the cost associated with hygiene regulations all result in hefty costs within your business model. Automated packaging equipment can often be run by a single operator, which allows the machinery to pay for itself in a short amount of time, resulting in a larger bottom line in sales for your business.

Through strategic planning and seeking some help from your industry friends your business can focus on your core competencies and avoid inefficient use of their own time and resources.