Machine Tending Assessment

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    Rate the diagnostic questions below as honestly and carefully as possible.

    • Rate each question on a scale of 1-5.

    • 1 being no difficulty and 5 being high difficulty

    • Use your gut instinct and don't second-guess your answers.

    1. How much difficulty are you facing finding skilled labor in your operation?

    No Difficulty High Difficulty

    2. How important is it to free your employees for more complex tasks by automating machine tending tasks?

    Not Important Critically Important

    3. Rate the current level of human error in your machine tending operations.

    No Errors Constant Errors

    4. How would you rate the repetitiveness of tasks in your machine tending process?

    Not Repetitive Highly Repetitive

    5. Assess the level of hazardous conditions, ergonomic concerns, or risks involved in your machine tending.

    No Risk High Risk

    6. How critical is increasing productivity in your machine tending operations?

    Not Important Critically Important

    7. How would you rate your business's need for improved consistency in machine tending output?

    Not Needed Critically Needed

    8. Rate your current need to improve quality control in your machine tending process.

    No Need Highly Needed

    9. Assess the importance of reducing downtime in your machine tending operations.

    Not Important Critically Important

    10. How important is it to reduce waste in your machine tending operations?

    Not Important Critically Important

    11. How critical is increasing scalability for your machine tending operations

    Not Important Critically Important

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