Palletizing Assessment

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    Rate the diagnostic questions below as honestly and carefully as possible.

    • Use your gut instinct and don't second-guess your answers.

    1. How much does the physical strain on your workers due to manual palletizing concern you?

    Not at all A lot

    2. How important is increasing efficiency in your manufacturing process?

    Not important Critically important

    3. How essential is improving the consistency/quality of your pallet loads and minimizing product handling errors?

    Not essential Absolutely essential

    4. How important is reducing product damage during palletizing to your business?

    Not important Critically important

    5. Is it important for you to meet increasing production demands without increasing labor costs?

    Not crucial Absolutely crucial

    6. How crucial is it for you to lower your operational costs?

    Not crucial Absolutely crucial

    7. What pallet type do you typically build?

    8. How important is it for you to be able to handle a variety of product types/sizes with ease during the palletizing process?

    Not important Critically important

    9. How many workers are currently palletizing?

    10. How many pallets do you ship per shift/day?

    11. What is the average weight of the product you are palletizing?

    Please add any additional information that you feel would be important for us to know as we evaluate your answers

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