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Your people stack pallets monthly at a cost of $ /Pallet, your monthly cost to manually stack pallets is $. Click the button below to compare this to Robotic Palletizing.

Automate your palletizing

Delta Cobotix Robotic Palletizing System DC200 collaborative robot with 30Kg payload, 72 in reach Heavy-Duty Portable Dual Pallet Location Station HD Clamp End Effector with Slip Sheet Placement. simple to operate, quick setup easy to redeploy and fast delivery times.

Purchase Option

Total cost: $97 300
Your Return-On-Investment is months

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Finance for 24 months at $ /month
A savings of % compared to manual palletizing!
Your Return-On-Investment is months

Delta Cobotix RAAS Option

Robots-as-a-Service Option: $
A savings of % compared to manual palletizing!
or $savings every month!

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