The Key to Material Removal is with Automation

The Key to Material Removal is with Automation

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers are finding during material removal processes is accuracy and consistency. As manufacturers struggle to overcome an apparent skills shortage, material removal is rapidly growing as an application area ideal for robotics. Material removal includes the process of grinding; cutting, de-burring, de-flashing, sanding, polishing or routing manufactured parts.

Historically, deburring and material removal processes have used manual techniques. This has been largely due to the limited availability of deburring tools that are right for an automated process. Applications with automated material removal are growing rapidly as more benefits are proven and the level of precision, which, results in less waste, and scrap is being recognized.

There are a number of benefits that should motivate a company to integrate an automated material removal process with the use of robotics. Automating a deburring or surface finishing application is a smart, responsible, and effective way to improve a manufacturing process. Delta Technology’s Cobotix program together with the expertise of partners Norton Abrasives and ATI Industrial Automation make the automated deburring processes safe, reliable, and affordable.

Other key advantages include:

Increased accuracy and consistency in the automated material removal system provides a significant reduction of unwanted parts. The adoption of a robotic system can provide real-time error proofing and product quality.

An automated removal system provides improvements in throughput and speed. This helps to lower expenses because tools used in the process will wear at a slower rate, so maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

Employees are safer due to the reduction of harmful fumes and dust, and by reducing repetitive tasks that can cause injury. In addition, reducing exposure to fumes, etc also cuts down on the expense of personal protective equipment such as eyewear, etc that will be needed on a yearly basis.

Working with a partner like Delta Technology provides the ability to add a vision system for the inspection and measurement of parts. This helps to validate parts are in the right position as well as measure and sort parts at high speeds.

A robotic process provides real time error proofing to ensure product quality. Let Delta Technology be your guide to seamlessly integrate the needed solutions into the right process solution for your business that can reduce material waste while keeping the well-being and health of business and employees top of mind.